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Digitizing available at Stitchy Lizard. Toronto custom embroidery, digitizing, screen printing, promotional items

Digitizing at Stitchy Lizard is done in house using Wilcom digitizing software. If you have any questions about digitizing you may contact Lyanna at art@stitchylizard.com
or at 416-203-7776

About Digitizing

Digitizing is the art of converting a picture or image into stitches by using specialized software and must be done to prepare the garment for embroidery. Wilcom digitizing software is used at Stitchy Lizard. We prefer designs to be sent as vector files in formats AI, EPS, . Bitmap files are also accepted (JPG, BMP, GIF or TIF).

Changes in the artwork may be neccessary for the embroidery to look clean. Lettering that is too small or excessive details on paper may not translate into a well embroidered design. After the design is digitized, a test sample is sewn prior to being placed on a garment.

You may fax, e-mail, or send by regular mail, your design for an estimate. Estimates will be provided free of charge the same day they are requested. Keep in mind estimates are an educated guess of the final stitch count. The estimate could vary 10-15% above or below the actual stitch count. Quotes are kept on file for 30 days.

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